The film adaptation of Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “American Pastoral” just gained a lot more hype.
Ewan McGregor, the acclaimed Scottish actor known for his roles “Trainspotting” and the “Star Wars” franchise, announced on Wednesday that he will make his directorial debut at the helm of “American Pastoral.” “I’ve wanted to direct for years and wanted to wait until I found a story that I ‘had’ to tell, and in this script I knew I had found that story,” McGregor said in a statement.
McGregor was already slated to play the novel’s Jewish protagonist Seymour “the Swede” Levov alongside Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning. Australian filmmaker Philip Noyce was previously slated to direct the film but had recently left the project. “Ewan’s talent goes far beyond his onscreen work and we’re excited to be working with a director who is as passionate as we are about telling the story of ‘American Pastoral,’” said producer Tom Rosenberg in his own statement.
“American Pastoral” is one of Roth’s most well-known novels and was included in Time magazine’s list of the All-TIME 100 Greatest Novels. The book, narrated by Roth’s recurring alter-ego Nathan Zuckerman, focuses on successful businessman Seymour “the Swede” Levov and the unraveling of his idyllic family life. The Swede — so called because of his blonde hair, anomalous for an Ashkenazi Jew from Roth’s native Newark — was a star athlete in high school and Zuckerman’s idol, but his daughter’s emotional problems spell serious trouble for his family and reputation.
Gregor is decidedly not Jewish in any way, though it may be worth noting that he plays Jesus in “Last Days in the Desert,” one of his upcoming films. But based on his success on all levels of the film industry, from small-budget independent flicks to blockbusters like “Star Wars” and “Moulin Rouge,” it is safe to say that Roth’s classic is in good hands.



French luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière teamed up with Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber for a second eyecatching campaign titled ‘Series 2′.
First teased last week on the designer’s instagram feed, Louis Vuitton’s Series 2 follows in the footsteps of Series 1 (which won a British Fashion Award last month for best campaign).
Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber took on the task again, and explored Ghesquière’s new Spring/Summer 2015 collection for the brand, each one adapting their signature style to the task.
Leibovitz photographed fashion A-lister Freja Beha Erichsen from three buildings currently under construction on the edge of Central Park, while Bruce Weber shot Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly in Miami, and also shot a video of the Hollywood star.
Meanwhile, Juergen Teller worked with a host of emerging runway and editorial talent in a Parisian townhouse.
Jean Campbell, Rianne Von Rompaey, Daphne Simons and Marte Mei van Haaster appear in the black paneled room in the ready-to-wear and accessories.
All the images will break in February 2015 issues of magazines around the globe.



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A Park Slope mansion once owned by actress Jennifer Connelly and hubby Paul Bettany has returned to the market for $14 million.
The 5,200-square-foot Brooklyn manse at 17 Prospect Park West, which Connelly purchased for $3.7 million in 2003, recently underwent an extensive exterior and interior renovation by its latest owner. The Google engineer, who scooped up the property from the celebrity couple for $8.45 million in 2008, restored the home’s exterior while reconfiguring its interior. Douglas Elliman’s Pamela Huson has the listing.
The home was built by architect Montrose W. Morris in 1899, according to Curbed. Many of the home’s original details are still intact, including its Corinthian columns, stained glass windows and herringbone floors.



The story that the Jim Henson Company has been working on Labyrinth 2 has been doing the rounds on the internet for the past 24 hours, but should we start getting excited or not?
The news that there could be a sequel to 80’s cult classic Labyrinth has hit the internet hard. It’s been years since we’ve read so many mentions of David Bowie’s crotch and hair. But who could blame them? The idea of another Labyrinth movie really is enough to set imaginations and heart’s racing. But it’s time to take a breather and ask, is it actually happening?
The story that Labyrinth 2 (and seriously, they better not call it that) was in the works all started thanks to an article in Variety about Billy Crystal joining The Jim Henson Company’s new animated project Which Witch.
Hidden at the end of the story was a short paragraph about the movies the The Jim Henson Company was developing. “It’s also working on a quartet of legacy titles in the Henson library — a Fraggle Rock movie that’s been in development at New Regency; a sequel to 1982’s The Dark Crystal, a sequel to 1986’s Labyrinth; and a movie based on the Emmet Otter character,” the story said. Yes you read it right ‘a sequel to 1986’s Labyrinth‘ (though a Dark Crystal squeal sounds cool too).
So should David Bowie be getting ready to squeeze back into those trousers? Well sadly it’s a no, as Entertainment Weekly is now reporting a source as saying ‘there are currently no plans to reboot, revive, or make a sequel to Labyrinth. It’s one of those legacy titles that is floated at most meetings, but, sadly, nothing is actually in development at the moment.’
So that’s that then. However the good news is that the Henson Company are working on a Fraggle Rock movie and a Dark Crystal sequel, which certainly satisfies our appetites for weird looking but cute puppets on the big screen.
But if you’re craving men in makeup with big hair and tight trousers, it’s time to dig out that old copy of Labyrinth as nothing beats mid-80s Bowie.



Jennifer Connelly has always been a rather slim woman, but now she has lost another 25 pounds to star in a new film, Shelter, where Connelly plays a homeless woman.
The film is directed by her husband, Paul Bettany. In the film, Connelly plays a homeless drug addict, and recently discussed her extensive research and weight loss. She spoke to, saying “There was so much work to do about her (Hannah, the character she will portray in the film) and the circumstances of her life that I knew nothing about.” Connelly continued: “I had a lot of practical research to do. Slowly, over months, a lost a lot of weight and ultimately lost about 25 pounds. I wanted to be quite comfortable with her and I had no experience using needles, so I spent a lot of time working on that so I could be quite at ease; practicing using the paraphernalia.”
Shelter also stars Anthony Mackie. In the film, Connelly plays Hannah, a homeless woman who falls in love with Mackie’s character while they both live homeless on the streets on New York. The film focuses on their relationship, as well as their pasts and how they arrived at their current dilemma. The film has already been released in Canada at a film festival, and will subsequently be released to a wider audience in the future.
The weight loss is surprising given Connelly’s already thin frame. Jennifer Connelly previously portrayed a drug addict in Darren Aronofsky’s addiction film, Requiem for a Dream, back in 2000. She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2002 for her role in Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind.
For their work with the homeless over the years, Jennifer Connelly and her husband, Paul Bettany, will be honored at the 20th Artwalk NY to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless on October 30.



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He’s donning the green Lycra (probably, he’s not actually allowed to say) as the newest Avenger, The Vision, in Age of Ultron and has a starring role alongside Johnny Depp’s heavily tweaked Mortdecai mustache as his thuggish manservant Jock Strapp. But before these two rather cartoonish outings hit theaters, U.K. actor Paul Bettany will be offering Toronto audiences his somewhat less kitsch directorial debut, the gritty New York drama Shelter starring his wife, Jennifer Connelly.
The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Bettany about how he believes actors should be given more freedom and why all that glitters on the Marvel set probably is actual gold.
Where did the story for Shelter come from?

It began with this couple living outside my apartment in Tribeca. Every morning I’d say hello to them, but they never responded. Then Hurricane Sandy happened and we were evacuated, and I totally forgot about them. When we moved back about five months later, I didn’t see them again and began wondering what their life was like. At the time I was living in a hotel so just started writing.
Did you initially write Shelter for yourself to direct?

I actually began writing it for my wife, for two reasons, one noble and one totally ignoble. Noble in that there aren’t enough great parts for women, and ignoble because I knew that she would get the film financed. Plus she’s really, really good at acting. But yes, I did write it for myself to direct.
You’ve said that Shelter is your love story to the New York films of the 1970s. What do you mean by that?
The ’70s seemed to be awash with great performances, and I wondered why that was. My theory is that scripts [today] are developed to death, to the point where there’s no ambiguity. If the actor isn’t good enough the story will still work because everything that needs to be understood will be said in the dialogue. Well, A Woman Under the Influence just doesn’t work without Gena Rowlands showing up and being brilliant. Actors can be many things — self-serving egomaniacal prima donnas — but all of the really good ones are absolutely trustworthy storytellers. And I think leaving them something to do is important because that responsibility might be where that dynamism in American 1970s films came from. I can’t actually prove that, but I thought I’d give it a go.
Directing your other half for your directorial debut could be seen as a dangerous move. Was it?
I can see potential difficulties. But next to the risk of having chosen to spend our lives together, the risk of spending 21 days together and making a film together is actually miniscule in comparison. Jennifer gave me everything she had as an actress, and I did everything to protect her performance.
And if Jennifer decided to direct a film, would you star in it?
God no! Of course I would. But she’s incredibly fastidious. If she brought the same amount of fastidiousness as an actor, it would have to be an eight-month shoot. She’s just so committed. In this she plays a junkie on the street, and I lost her going to needle meetings. She’s now a card-carrying member of the New York City Needle Exchange.
Did going behind the camera change your attitude as an actor?

It’s the most tired I’ve ever been in my life! I now have so much respect for directors and will never ask a difficult question after sunset again. I think it’s something actors should do to see, “F—ing hell, that’s really hard!” You’re not just sitting in a chair passing judgment.
Do you have any other stories you want to direct?

I’ve written a comedy — a satire about something I really care about. So I’ll be looking to get that off the ground next. I think that there might be parts for Jennifer in it, and I think there’s a part for me. Although I might fire myself. Continue reading…



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